Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why loving your own app is the key thing in marketing

Have you ever seen a salesman who doesn't like the product he is selling? If he doesn't like his product, he won't sell anything. As a salesman you have to be enthusiastic, you have to know your product and you have to be confident.

It's all the same for selling apps. If you aren't proud of you own app, why would someone else like your app. If you don't know why you have made the design decisions, why you have add that feature or removed another feature, people aren't going to buy it. You have to know your product and to love your product.

That's why Steve Jobs' presentations were great. He did know every single detail about his products and he really loved them. He was very enthusiastic and passionate about it. 

Have you ever seen someone who isn't enthusiastic about the products he was selling? 

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