Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The revolution in 2008

Apple released the iPhone 3G in 2008. They shipped it with iPhone OS 2.0.1, which is now called iOs. Older iPhone-users could update their device. The most important feature was the App store and the SDK (software development kit). Everyone has been able to develop iPhone apps since then. It was a enormous opportunity for the big companies but also for the small developers who are building applications in their bedroom. This is a part of the launch in 2008

It really was a gift for the small developers. They could charge a little bit of money for the effort they had put into their app and they had the ability to expose their app at enormous amount of customers. 

Furthermore, it changed the world of the mobile phones. The competitors followed Apple and released their own application store like Google Play, BlackBerry App World and the Marketplace. So it changed the way, we use our phones.

30 billion apps have been downloaded from the Apple Appstore since 2008 and there are 700,000 apps in the Apple Appstore. Competitors have also a large number but not as large as Apple’s.

Finally, I would mention one sentence that makes everything clear: “There is an app for that”. But imagine that there isn’t an app like the great idea you had, you should building that app, and maybe you will become rich and famous. Remember: even small developers can build and release apps.

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