Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Contest: place a comment and win a promocode to get iConvertCal for free

What can you win?

a promocode for iConvertcal. So you will get this iOs-app for free if you win.

What do you have to do?

-place a comment on a post somewhere on my blog.
-send me an e-mail with an answer to this question: How many people will have visited my blog at the end of the contest?
(tip: I have been blogging since 9 october.)
You can send me an e-mail by clicking on the green icon at the left side of my blog.

The contest will end on Wednessday 21 november at 9 pm CET.

The five persons how have made the best guess, will win a promo code. These persons will receive an answer at their mail a couple of days after the end of the contest, with a promo code.

Good luck!

Your e-mail won't be used for other purposes.
You can participate only one time. 
If you have send more e-mails, only your first e-mail will count.

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