Monday, October 15, 2012

Why do we make apps?

There are different reasons to make apps. For the big companies it is really clear. They want to generate revenue in order that they can make profit. But not everyone does it for the profit. Some people build apps to learn something new, to have a challenge, to make their dreams come true or maybe for the sports club.

You can see that there are a lot of reasons to build an app. But the most important thing about building an app is to have a great idea. Amazing ideas are innovative. They create something that a lot of people describe as usefull. You can use an old idea and improve it with some awesome new features or you can create something entirely new.

The big challenge is to translate our idea in an app that will stun everyone. If you are able to meet that challenge, you will be able to gain success. And everyone can! Even people like you and me. 

But first things first. Before you can make profit, you have to focus on creating your app. You have to love your idea before you can sell it. If you make your app amazing, others will love it too, and then you will make profit. 

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